Depression is a relatively common occurrence in our society. Approximately 1 in 20 people will experience depression this year, and 45% of Australians will experience depression in their lifetime. Clinical depression is more than a low mood or sadness. There are a number of signs which may suggest the presence of depression.


Symptoms may include:

Feeling sad for most of the day, almost every day
Loss of interest in usual activities such as going out with friends, hobbies, work, school
Feeling lonely
Feeling a sense of hopelessness
Increased irritability
Disrupted sleep (difficulty falling asleep, oversleeping, night waking)
Increased use of alcohol/drugs
Reduced interest in sex
Reduced concentration and memory
Feeling tired most of the time
Appetite and/or weight changes
Nausea and muscle pains


Next Steps

There are a number of different treatments which are available. Psychologists are trained and qualified health professionals who can provide evidence-based therapy which are effective in the reduction of symptoms.

If you think you might be suffering from depression and would like support to improve your life, you can contact us at Your Psych Centre via phone, email or drop in to our office to arrange to meet with one of our trained psychologists for a confidential discussion.

No referral is needed to make an appointment. However, you can arrange for an appointment with your GP to discuss your mental health and the support available. If you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan, your GP can provide this to you to bring along to your session which will allow you to access a rebate through Medicare.