It is our mission to be a leading provider in mental health treatment, renowned for:

  • Delivering high-quality outcomes through evidence-based practices.
  • Conducting precise and insightful assessments that inform effective treatment plans.
  • Cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected.


Your Psych Centre’s mission is to help people to realise their potential by first understanding who they are.

Personalised therapy will then empower them to overcome barriers to a fulfilled life.

Through community education, we also strive to reduce the stigma and misconceptions of mental health and disability and foster a deeper understanding of individual differences and all abilities.


  • Knowledge: We commit to continuous learning and applying the latest research and best practices, ensuring our clients receive the most effective care.

  • Trust: We build and maintain trust through transparency, reliability, and ethical practices, fostering a safe and dependable environment.

  • Respect: We honor the dignity and worth of every individual, ensuring all voices are heard and valued

  • Flexibility: We adapt our services and approaches to meet each client's unique needs, creating a supportive and responsive environment.

  • Inclusivity and Growth: We foster a culture of inclusivity, ensuring that every team member feels valued and supported. We are dedicated to the continuous development and well-being of our employees, providing opportunities for growth, learning, and collaboration in a supportive environment.