Psychological Assessment Services

It is natural to worry about being “labelled”.

But experience tells us an assessment will help you get the right support – and an accurate label!

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, accurate, and meaningful assessment reports.


How we’ll deliver:

  • We’ll only use proven and tested assessment processes and tools.
  • We know the latest research and guidelines to get an accurate diagnosis.
  • We won’t follow “gut feelings” or judge by appearances. Our clinical experience and rigorous methods enable reliable results.
  • We’ll ensure you fully understand the results – and are not more confused than when you started.
  • We can help you navigate the next steps, including communicating with doctors, applying for NDIS, starting psychology, and accessing further information and resources.


Learning Difficulties


Assessment for Autism for both Children and Adults – using Gold Standard tools including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) and Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI-R).

Learning Difficulties


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – a comprehensive assessment involving a Cognitive Assessment, a computerised test of attention (TOVA) and ADHD-specific questionnaires (e.g. Conners-3).

Learning Difficulties

Intellectual Abilities

An assessment to determine a intellectual ability and daily functioning. Assessment measures include: a cognitive assessment (WISC-V, WAIS-IV) and assessment of adaptive functioning (ABAS-III).

Learning Difficulties

Learning Differences

Understanding learning profiles – including a Cognitive Assessment (WISC-V), an assessment of academic functioning (WIAT-III) and other condition specific tests (e.g. phonological processing for Dyslexia)

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