SAS Small Group Program


SAS Small Group Program is an evidence based program and is suited to children aged 8 to 12 with identified social and emotional challenges, such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and anxiety disorders.


What is SAS Small Group?

Secret Agent Society (SAS) is a breakthrough approach for empowering children’s social and emotional skills. SAS Providers have been offering this evidence-based approach for over 10 years. The SAS Small Group Program consists of small group child sessions (club meetings), parent group meetings, teacher information sessions and Teacher Tip Sheets, paired with real-life practice missions and a system to monitor and reward skill development at home and at school. Combining family and facilitator resources, the content and program structure is accessed through an intuitive and engaging software package that streamlines program delivery and participation for all child and adults participants in face-to-face or telehealth sessions and between session activities.


The program teaches children how to:

Recognise simple and complex emotions in themselves and others

Express their feelings in appropriate ways

Cope with feelings of anger and anxiety

Cope with mistakes, transitions and challenges

Build and maintain friendships

Detect the different between accidents, jokes and nasty deeds

Prevent and manage bullying and teasing

Communicate and play with others

Acknowledge their personal strengths

Did you know that…76% of participants make significant gains in their social functioning?


SAS Small Group Program Components

SAS Small Group is a multi-component program that up-skills and empowers not only children with social and emotional challenges, but also the parents and teachers who support them. The SAS Small Group Program is run over a 10-week term, led by trained SAS facilitators. The program consists of:

• Introductory Parent session (2 hours)

• 9 x 2-hour weekly Club Meetings (90 minutes child group meeting, 30 minutes parent

• SAS Family Kit (including weekly session resources, Parent and Teacher Tip sheets)

• Home missions: Children play the Secret Agent Society computer game between sessions and complete ‘home missions’

• Teacher tip sheets: Parents will be provided with weekly teacher tip sheets to pass on with recommendations for how school staff can support children’s social development and create a friendly and caring learning environment.

• 3-month booster session

• 6-month booster session

Note: The SAS group program will replace individual therapy sessions for the duration of the term. However, therapists are on hand to answer individual questions throughout.

These are yet to be finalised, however it is likely that the program will be during school hours. School hours ensures optimal learning and most schools are accommodating given the valuable learning taking place.

Watch the game trailer here!

With limited spaces available for next term, please be sure to contact us as soon as possible to register your interest or find out more information regarding fees & payments.