Sport Psychology Services in Gold Coast

What is Sports Psychology?

Motivation. Focus. Resilience. Persistence. There are many psychological factors that impact athletic performance. 

Sport psychology interventions are designed to assist individual athletes and teams to reach and maintain their peak performance.

This is done through the use of sport psychology assessments and individualised psychological skills training programs. 

Sport psychology isn’t a service only struggling athletes should seek.

Many athletes use mental skills training programs to take their performance to the next level.

Improving psychological skills can also help preventing performance issues such as burnout or choking under pressure.

Who Would Benefit from Sport Psychology?

Athletes of all levels and fields would benefit from sport psychology interventions. One particular group who would most benefit from mental skills training is adolescent and young adult athletes. Trainings and competitions can be challenging for developing minds and quite often young athletes who have significant talent are lost in the journey to the peak because they are not taught how to cope with mistakes, anxiety, or poor self-esteem.

Sport Psychology is needed for:

Attention & decision making
Mental toughness

Emotional Regulation
Coping with Pressure
Pre-Competition Preparedness

Self-Training Mindset
Sport Parenting Education
Team Cohesion

Eda Yates-psychologist-oxenford

Meet our Sports Therapist

Eda Yates holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Master of Science (Sports and Exercise Psychology). Her passion lies in understanding and harnessing behaviour for optimal outcomes.

Eda has experience in working with professional and semi-professional athletes, young athletes, and teams. A behavioural analysis approach is used in conjunction with cognitive and mindset strategies. She has a special interest in mental toughness and can provide comprehensive sport psychology assessment. She has experience working with individuals of all ages and with parents of young athletes.