Our Team

For your peace of mind, all of our Psychologists have university training, are experienced, and registered with the Psychology Board of Australia.It can be uncomfortable not knowing who you might be seeing, or not knowing if they will be what you are looking for. Our Psychologists have special interests in different areas across the lifespan.Read more to find the Psychologist who is the best fit for you, or contact one of our supportive Client Service Officers on our front desk.

Darren Moss

Darren Moss

Registered Psychologist

Darren Moss is a Registered Psychologist who helps people through a non-judgemental, empathic and collaborative lens.

Eugenia Urioste

Eugenia Urioste

Behaviour Therapist

Eugenia is an Behavioural Therapist with accredited training as a Behaviour Technician. Eugenia has a calm and approachable manner.


Brittaney Evans

Provisional Psychologist

Brittaney Evans is a focused and dedicated Provisional Psychologist, passionate about working collaboratively with vulnerable individuals.


Matthew Daley

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Matthew enjoys working across the lifespan and helping individuals to implement meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.


Cecilia Barros

Provisional Psychologist

Cecilia is a passionate Provisional Psychologist who uses a client focused approach where her clients are the experts of their own lives.


Ashlee O’Donohue

Clinical Psychologist

Ashlee enjoys working across the lifespan and her greatest strength is her ability to connect with her clients.


Rebecca Alexander

Registered Psychologist

Rebecca has experience in assessment and intervention for ADHD, ASD, PTSD, ODD and anxiety.


Stephanie Plahn

Provisional Psychologist

Stephanie brings a broad scope of experience and is passionate about helping individuals process trauma and related difficulties.


Eda Yates

Provisional Psychologist/SAS Facilitator

Eda has experience with both adults and children. Her passion lies in understanding and harnessing behaviour for optimal outcomes.


Jen Fielding

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Jen has a particular interest in working with young people with anxiety, depression, trauma, ASD, ADHD, gender and sexuality issues.


Stacey Hansen

Owner/Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Stacey has over 10 years experience working in the area of child development and behaviour and emotion difficulties. 

Cameron Williams

Provisional Psychologist

Jessica Harrison

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Jess is a Clinical Psychology Registrar with a keen interest and passion for working with children, young people, and their families.

Jes Hickley

Client Services Officer

Jes is an enthusiastic and friendly Client Services Officer, who always goes the extra mile.

Emily Greenup

Client Services Officer

Emily is a Client Services Officer who enjoys helping people and will always go the extra step to ensure you have the right answer.

Rani Butler

Client Services Officer

Rani is a diligent Client Services Officer with vast administration experience which is evident in her high level of attention to detail.