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Located in the northern Gold Coast, we use a strengths-based approach, built on strong clinical knowledge and evidence-based practice.

We value diversity and pride ourselves in our affirming approach to identity.

Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable not knowing who you will see for therapy. Read more to find the Psychologist who is the best fit for you, or contact one of our supportive Client Service Officers who can help.


Samantha Palmer

Child & Adolescent Psychologist

Samantha (Sam) Palmer is a passionate Psychologist dedicated to working with Children, Teens, and their families.

Psychologist in Coomera

Michelle Anderson


Michelle Anderson is a Psychologist who helps Teens and Young Adults to overcome their mental health obstacles.

Psychologist Oxenford

Ashley Williams

Provisional Psychologist

Ashley works with clients individually and with the whole family unit to ensuring parents and carers are adequately supported too.

Psychologist Coomera

Rosalyn Foo

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Rosalyn enjoys working with a wide range of problems across the lifespan including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and adjustment.

Psychologist Coomera

Cameron Williams

Provisional Psychologist

Cameron is Provisional Psychologist driven to help individuals work through the stress of challenges in life.

Eda Yates-psychologist-oxenford

Eda Yates


In both assessment and therapy, Eda's success lies in understanding individual strengths and harnessing behaviour for the best outcomes.

Psychologist Coomera

Jessica Harrison

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Jess has a keen interest and passion for working with young people and undertaking assessment of Autism, ADHD, and Learning Differences.

Eugenia Urioste

Eugenia Urioste

Provisional Psychologist

Eugenia is a warm and nurturing Provisional Psychologist with extensive experience working in mental health with children, adolescents, and


Dr Matthew Daley

Clinical Psychologist

Matthew is skilled in clinical assessment and therapy. He enjoys working collaboratively within the DVA, Workcover, and NDIS settings.


Jen Fielding-Murphy

Clinical Psychologist

Jen has a particular interest in working with young people with anxiety, depression, trauma, ASD, ADHD, gender and sexuality issues.

Psychologist Coomera

Cecilia Barros


Cecilia is a passionate Psychologist who uses a client focused approach where her clients are the experts of their own lives.


Ashlee O’Donohue

Clinical Psychologist

Ashlee enjoys working across the lifespan and her greatest strength is her ability to connect with her clients.

Psychologist Oxenford Coomera

Stacey Hansen

Principal Psychologist/Director

With over 15 years experience, Stacey supports both individuals and families. She also provides supervision to early career psychologists.

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